Hi! My name is

Roger M. Parent

I'm a web developer with:

  • Three years of fast-moving startup experience
  • An unhealthy obsession with static site generators
  • A love for cooking

What have I worked on?

  • Image for Content Engine

    Content Engine

    My current personal project, a monorepo of utilities for utilizing NextJS as a CMS with static site generation capability. This setup provides the ease of editing with a dynamic app with the ease of hosting a static content website by utilizing two separate Next applications used in tandem. I'm using this pattern for my recipe book as well as this portfolio!

  • Image for dvc.ai websites

    dvc.ai websites

    My most recent professional work is a set of static documentation websites for Iterative, a startup that creates open source tools for machine learning. The project started its life as a single documentation website at dvc.org, which grew into three more documentation websites and a blog using a shared theme package.